Sunday, 22 July 2012

How to attract women how to attract men

-Lots of women want to imitate the sexual habits of men but this doesn't work for several reasons:
-women get more attached
-women can feel used for having sex "too soon"
-women can be "raped" by men but vice versa is nearly impossible, or at least unheard of in the western world
-Men who drink too much alcohol and wake up naked next to a chick, who they don't remember consenting to for sex, will never alleged they were raped or taken advantage of

-Men do not get very attached to women, they do get attached to the first 2-3 sexual partners they have but after that they pretty much have an indifference.  Besides, most men never land their ideal dream women, so their level of attachment is moderate at best. That is, most women just want a confident man with decent looks, whereas all men want the bombshell, they may know they won't land one, but their money can land them one.

-Men will never feel used for having sex too soon, if a woman bangs a guy in the first 4 seconds of meeting him, he'd only miss not fucking her more times since that kind of fucking is rather rare for the average man, but otherwise he'd give a ratass if he ever saw her again.  This is not true for women.  Just look at Bristol Palin's comment how Levi "stole" her virginity during consensual sex, because she feels she was too "innocent". Ya, right.  You will never hear a man come up with that kind of bullshit

-I can't recall a single case of a woman raping a man in any english speaking country beyond statutory rape, and I am a news junkie.

-Women who drink too much alcohol often passout and then claim they were raped.  Its really a smourgesboard, because no one knows if they gave a drunken consent and forgot or if they were really raped.  If a man drank too much and was raped by chick who was at not fat or not ugly, he'd probably ask for more.

-For a man game is essentially being able to have Hot Bitch tens in his bed every night, ideally a new 10 every night or at least every weekend, and occassionally calling but one of the finer 10s every now and then when he doesn't feel like going out.
-For a female, game would be finding a funny and confident, hot man or cute guy who can get any girl he wants but sucker him into a relationship, trick him into intimacy, give him sex early in the encounter so that you can lure him into a relationship and then when he thinks he is getting regular sex from you and you have cut him off from all his other girls so that you are the only vagina he is fucking, cut him off from the last cunt.  And then order him around and make him work hard to give you whatever you want only occasionally bowing into giving him sex, to just string him along long enough until marriage and so on or until you find the next sucker.

-Neither a man nor a girl can successfully do the others game.  In fact a woman trying to fulfill man's game is just as silly as a guy trying to fulfill woman's game.  I mean for any man reading, you can understand why it would be unfulfilling to attempt to get a girl in a relationship just for the purpose of not having sex.  Likewise, women who attempt to have sex with lots of men all the time will never be as happy as their male counterparts.  THey can still enjoy sex, but save for a few girls like pornstars who just fuck for the money, and girls who were sexually or otherwise abused, no women would be happy banging a different man every night.  While the idea of it seems like it might, the reality is women could not enjoy it nor handle it like a man could.  If that were the case, then I suspect there entire dating industry (how to guides for women, pua sites for men, dating sites for both) would collapse because then everyone would  just be screweing like chimps and bonobos and there'd be no need for advice.

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